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Aloe vera plants
Aloe vera is a functional houseplant native to the middle east. As a succulent, aloe does not need to be watered regularly or in large amounts to survive. The extract from the inner leaf of the plant has been used to treat wound and burn healing externally and can be ingested internally for other health benefits. In the spring it can be planted outside as soon as there is no risk of frost and should be transplanted back inside before the first frost. This particular variety is known as spotted aloe vera. (Aloe vera var. chinensis)
In Summary:
  • water daily to keep soil from drying out
  • plant in a porous terra cotta pot
  • if leaves are to be used, leave the top five leaves and remove the bottom ones first
  • move plants outside in spring and plant in the landscape desired
  • move back inside before first frost in the fall
  • Aloe Plant Picture
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    Aloe vera plants are currently available in Sarnia for $5. There are also small yellow tropical hibiscus plants that are around 12" high. These are also available for sale for $5. E-mail if you are interested in either and we can arrange pick-up/drop off.

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