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Heirloom Daylilies
Hemerocallis daylilies are low maintenance perennials that grow in a wide range of conditions.

This particular variety blooms an abundance of flowers for around three weeks starting after July 1st. It can be classified as a heritage, yellow spider daylily with 5-6" diameter flowers. The plant typically grows around 2' high and 2.5' wide and has been known to re-bloom later in the season. The floral stem reaches around 3' high and the flowers open in the early morning. This is a dormant variety where foliage dies back each fall. This variety will not only survive but thrive in areas of high moisture compared to other daylily hybrids. This makes it suitable to plant in poorly drained soils dominated by clay.

What makes this cultivar unique;
  • performs well in poorly drained soils
  • rare heritage variety (hybridized before 1930)
  • produces an enormous number of flowers
  • the plant clumps rather than spreading throughout the area
  • Planting Information
  • full to partial sun (at least 6 hrs of sun)
  • adaptable to both dry and moist locations
  • add 2-3" of mulch around base to retain moisture in dryer conditions
  • salt tolerant
  • if fertilizer is used, 5-10-5 is recommended (high phosphorus/middle number)
  • flower stalks can be cut back as soon as they are finished blooming, but it is not a necessity
  • foliage should not be cut back until after fall frost if one wishes to do so
  • Daylily
    Daylilies will be available upon request in Spring 2014 in Sarnia for $5 each. Please E-mail if you are interested.

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