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Fig Tree
Fig trees (Ficus carica) will be available for $30 per 6 inch pot, (as seen below). It often takes a few years before plants start producing sweet edible fruit.

This cultivar can be left outside from June to September and must be treated as a houseplant for the remainder of the year. These plants have been grown in Pro-MIX® potting medium and are around 24" in height.
Cranmer Earth Design Fig Fruit Cranmer Earth Design Fig Tree
Cranmer Earth Design Fig Tree Leaf
Fig trees:
  • produce fresh, sweet-tasting figs year-round
  • make great houseplants in the winter, eye-catching patio plants throughout spring-fall when there's no risk of frost
  • can be pruned to be kept any size (below-middle pictures)
  • smaller plants are available if goal is a small and compact plant
  • can be planted in outdoor landscapes in June and transplanted back into a pot before the fall frost
  • Cranmer Earth Design Fig Trees Cranmer Earth Design Fig TreesCranmer Earth Design Fig TreesCranmer Earth Design Fig Trees
    Fig trees will be available in Bright's Grove in a few months and cannot be shipped. E-mail if you are interested in ordering a fig tree!

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