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Attracting Birds to your yard with water features

Why Water Can Attract Birds

During certain times of the year birds may have difficulty finding water. Drought periods are difficult for birds that rely on dry foods such as seeds with a low moisture content. A water source for birds is a great alternative to bird seed as means of attracting birds. There are several methods to attract birds to your yard with water which are outlined below.


Birdbaths are offered in a wide range of sizes and depths as well as being composed of many material types. Concrete birdbaths are a traditional favourite however they are often hard to clean due to crevices and are prone to cracking if they freeze during the winter. Plastic bird baths are an alternative that are easy to clean but may not be aesthetically pleasing.


Birds seem to prefer baths that are at ground level, potentially because they mimic shallow puddles. Shallow ponds can be created with EPDM pond liner covered with rock or sand. Sand gives birds a firm footing but is difficult to keep clear of algae. Sand or rocks should be washed well before they are added to the pond if you purchase them from a quarry or store.
A small pond that attracts birds
A small pond where birds can perch on rocks and low branches

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfall for attracting birds to your backyard
This waterfall is over 1.2 m deep and has a large reservoir. After the top water evaporates it will continue to circulate water as a pondless waterfall.
Pondless waterfalls are the best solution for attracting birds for several reasons:
  • No standing water for mosquitoes
  • Harder for algae clusters to form
  • Dripping water attracts birds
  • Large reservoir prevents daily top-ups

Water features should be placed in the shade. This slows evaporation as well as impeding algae growth. If algae starts to form, remove it from the pond immediately as the problem will get worse if left to grow. Birds are more vulnerable to predation after bathing as they are unable to fly as well when they are wet. Having shrubs or small trees provides cover for the birds as well as shade for the water feature itself. Branches or sticks can be added to give birds additional places to perch above the water line to drink when temperatures are too cold.

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