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The Attracting Backyard Birds Table of Contents

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Live Video Stream - Bird Cam - Hexcam
Attracting birds to your yard with food, water and shelter
Bird Food - The Diet of Birds
Water & Birds - Why water can attract birds
Birdhouse History and why birds that use birdhouses are secondary cavity dwellers
Things to look for before buying a birdhouse - Birdhouse Features
Birdhouse Comparisons, Pros and Cons of different Birdhouse Designs including cedar, cement and composite
Birdhouse Placement and Mounting Methods includes height and direction a birdhouse faces
Birdhouse Nesting Material
Birdhouse Species Measurements for an Ideal Birdhouse for each cavity dwelling species in North America
Birdhouse Predators such as Squirrels, Raccoons, Cats, Oppossums and other creatures
Landscaping for Birds and building bird habitats
Birdhouse Maintenance, Monitor, prevention and repair
Birding Dictionary - Terms and Slang of Birders
Hexcam Video Stream Setup for the Birdhouse Cam
Bird Pictures and Video Clips
The Four Main Ways to Attract Birds to you yard The Four Main Ways to Attract Birds
What birds eat - the diet of birds The Diet of Birds
What to Feed Backyard Birds - The Favourite Foods of Backyard Birds - Attracting birds with a birdfeeder - The different types of bird feed Favourite Foods of Backyard Birds
Why birds use birdbaths - The problems with a birdbath - Backyard Birdbaths Birdbaths
Incorporating a Backyard Pond into the landscape to Attract Birds Ponds
What is a Pondless Waterfall? Pondless Waterfalls
The history of birdhouses, The First Birdhouses, Birdhouses in Europe Birdhouse History
Making birchbark Birdhouses Birchbark Birdhouses
European Origins of Birdhouses, The Birdhouse Bottle Birdhouse European Origins
Why Birds Use Tree Cavities for Shelter Why Birds Use Tree Cavities
How the Size of the Birdhouse Entrance Hole determines the species of Birds that will Nest Birdhouse Entrance Hole Size
How the interior dimensions of birdhouses determines the species of birds that will nest Interior Dimensions of Birdhouses
Cleaning a birdhouse out should be easy Ease of Opening
What wood to use for building birdhouses / birdhouse construction Birdhouse Construction Materials
Different ways of mounting birdhouses, hanging birdhouses, putting birdhouses up Methods for Mounting Birdhouses
Using ventilation holes to cool down a birdhouse in the hot summer months Birdhouse Ventilation Holes
Roof overhangs help to cool birdhouses by keeping some of the birdhouse body in the shade Roof Overhangs on Birdhouses
Using drainage holes to ensure the birdhouse base doesn't rot out Birdhouse Drainage Holes
What the birdhouse floor joint should look like Floor Joints of Birdhouses
How perches on birdhouse affect the birds living inside Perches on Birdhouses
The ways to view birds nesting inside a birdhouse can be intrusive Viewing Windows
Recoating a birdhouse with stain, paint, or preservative.  Non toxic materials such as tung or teak oil wear off quickly Staining, Painting and Preserving Birdhouses
Birdhouses with multiple holes / compartments can be good for colony species such as the purple martin Multiple Compartment Birdhouses
A summary of features every birdhouse should have Favourable Features of Birdhouses for Small Songbirds
The benefits and problems of a concrete birdhouse Concrete Birdhouses
The benefits and problems of a composite birdhouse Composite Birdhouses
The benefits and problems of a cedar birdhouse Cedar Birdhouses
The benefits and problems of painted birdhouses Painted Birdhouses
Mounting Birdhouses
Where to Mount a Birdhouse?
Birdhouse Mounting Methods, Setting Up a Birdhouse
How High to Mount a Birdhouse?
How Close Together Can You Mount Birdhouses?
What Direction Should Birdhouses Face?
How close can a birdhouse be placed to a birdfeeder? How Far Should a Birdhouse be from a Birdfeeder?
Birdhouse Nesting Materials
Measurements for Birdhouses
Starlings and House Sparrows
Cats, Raccoons and Oppossums
Black and Grey Squirrels
Red Squirrels and Chipmunks
Deciduous Trees that Attract Birds
Coniferous Trees that Attract Birds
Shrubs Trees that Attract Birds
Perennials that Attract Birds
Checking on the birdhouse residents, How to ensure your birdhouse birds are ok Monitoring Birds
How fast do birds grow, how many eggs do ___ lay, what is the diet of ____ ? Diet, Clutch Size and Growth Rate of Birdhouse Birds
When is the best time to clean out a bird nest from a birdhouse? When to Clean Out Old Nests
How to clean out a bird nests Cleaning Out Old Nests
Re-coating A Birdhouse

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