The Hexcam, Hexagonal Birdhouse Live Video Stream - a.k.a. the bird feed!  Check out Chickadees, wrens or nathatches nesting in a wooden birdhouse. Virtual bird watching. Nesting, Egglaying, hatching, fledglings can all be watched on this live webcam. No film required.
Birdhouse Hexcam Setup.  Dropcam is essentially a small surveillance camera that is pre-programmed and allows wifi monitoring in HD and low light situations.  The stream can be accessed anywhere and can be embedded into a webpage.  There's a cloud server (for an extra cost) that is available to create clips and download them to your computer.  It doesn't allow local storage of all video recorded but for this application it isn't necessary.
The Hexagonal Birdhouse for wrens, chickadees and nuthatches. Why do we want wrens?  These songbirds are a natural pest control, as wrens can eat 40 grams of insects a day when they're nesting!  The hexagonal birdhouse uses a 1⅛inch hole to attract wrens, chickadees, titmice and nuthatches.  An interior volume of ~800 cm3 makes this house the ideal size for attracting these native birds to your yard. With the effortless mounting bracket system it makes it possible to clean your birdhouse in under a minute.  Birds prefer finding an empty cavity where they can bring their own fresh nesting material.  If your birdhouse is cleaned promptly after the fledglings have left, you can have up to three fledges of young - per year! The mounting bracket system makes putting up the birdhouse easy.  Fasten the bracket 1.5-3.7 m high on a post, tree or building facing east, south or west.  Once the bracket is secure, simply slide the birdhouse into place!  Watching your feathered friends during breakfast or morning coffee is a fun way to start the day! Birds prefer houses that have little to no scent, and all birdhouses should be coated with an environmentally friendly preservative. Our birdhouses are coated with a waterproof and non-toxic polyurethane known as PolyWhey. Many birdhouses require a year to outgas, but birdhouses coated with PolyWhey are safe for birds the day they are finished. After a few years, birdhouses can be recoated with a non-toxic urethane, or left alone as birds can prefer a weathered look. Handcrafted with attention to detail, these birdhouse follow the hexagonal design which has been tested for over 40 years by the Cranmer family. Every component of the birdhouse that is nailed is also glued for extra durability. The bottom board contains drainage holes which allow moisture to flow out keeping the birds dry. And best of all, this birdhouse is entirely made in Canada. Read more at
Buy your own Birdhouse for wrens, chickadees and nuthatches. Birdhouses can be shipped to Canada and the United States.  This birdhouse was originally designed by Bert Cranmer, my grandfather. While there are many birdhouse plans he created and modified, this design was a clear winner due to the amount of birds it attracted. My grandfather gave me a birdhouse when I was four years old shortly before he passed away in 1994. My dad helped me mount the birdhouse on the side of our barn that season and is still there today (right). After being left out in the elements for over 20 years the birdhouse still gets residents every year! All birdhouse materials are sourced within Canada or as local as possible. The wood and finishing nails are manufactured in Canada and the premium exterior-grade wood glue is imported from the U.S.A. For these reasons and more, our family and those who have a hexagonal birdhouse believe that this is the best birdhouse available! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to E-mail or call me and I'll get back to you within 24 hours if not immediately!
Pictures and Videos of Birds using the hexagonal birdhouse.  Most videos are from the hexcam!  Chickadees and wrens nesting.  Nuthatches too! Nesting in birdhouses.
Attracting birds to your backyard with food, water and shelter
There are four main components that birds are interested in and these components can be added to attract birds to your yard;

Places to nest

Without food, water and shelter birds will not flock to an area. Each of these components improve the chance that birds will visit and possibly make your backyard their home. Attracting birds can have several advantages. Many birds can lower the pest population of insects that eat garden plants while other birds are fun to watch!

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